Title: Something Beautiful

Log Line: TBA

Project Type: Experiential film

Length: 3 min 16 sec

Written: Scripted

Budget: $35K

Something Beautiful
$0 of $35,000 raised
Something Beautiful


For too long black people have been pawns in America’s imagination. Some people think and agree we can cook your food, clean your kitchen, create the music you bob your head to, teach you dances you really wanna know, build your entire city, but if we tell you that our lives matter, we can no longer agree. We're just terrorists and thugs, right?

You see, white people are not the problem, but this mentality, perception, and predetermination of any group without knowing what they have been through or who they are is the problem.

We got tired of hearing that black is ugly. While you may not say it, some still think it. Being black is beautiful. The greatest thing about this country is its diversity. It should be celebrated, not ridiculed.

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