The nature of the film industry has shifted. Gone are the days of the mid-sized budget films that we have shaped culture and impacted so many people through out the globe. And they have been replaced with large studio blockbuster movies. Classic films like Good Will Hunting, Jerry McGuire, The Hurricane, Sound of Music, Shawshank Redemption which were once made by large studios have been replaced with Avengers, Transformers, Spiderman, Fast and Furious and Thor.

Impactful and important studios like Participant Media have shut down after being in the industry for 20+ years and have producer 21 Oscar winning films. To quote their founder:

"The studios are just not making as many movies for adults, especially ones with a conscience"

Independent film is now, Film.

And the Uncreative Collective is the vehicle that we will use to power these type of films that continue to shape, fuel and propel art and culture.

The Uncreative Collective is more than just a platform; it's a movement to democratize filmmaking and empower creators worldwide. Join us in revolutionizing the way films and videos are funded and produced. Together, we can turn dreams into reality and redefine the future of storytelling.

Producing a project on your own can be extremely demanding and isolating. Through the Uncreative Collective you will partner with C&I Studios, a production studio in Los Angeles California that will take your project form development to Distribution.

The Uncreative Collective is not a training program, online class, or a fundraising tool for film makers. It is a true partnership. C&I Studios will co-own your project with you and take it every step of the way until the film is released and distributed.

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