Title: The American

Log Line: How Do You Save The World?

Project Type: Feature | Narrative

Length: 90mins

Written: Scripted

Budget: 3m

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In the face of violent crime, a peaceful man becomes the hand of well-deserved justice. Through necessary violence, he brings about law and order in the places where cruel men dominate the weak and the vulnerable.

He wasn’t always like this.

The American was— is —a journalist, a travel writer, a nobody. But in the sight of a violent agenda, a woman abducted, a loaded a gun, and no one there to save her, he acts with one single intention: to save her life.

Film Deck

Film Budget

Project Needs

DC Row House - $3500.00 (USD)

The production is looking for a location in Washington DC that is a row house and that has a rooftop. This location will also be used to house the crew during the production. Investor will receive a IMDb location credit, in-film credit, invitation the screening of the film.

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Craft Services - $2000.00 (USD)

Our crew needs to each. On these long 12 hour days, we are looking for breakfast lunch and dinner for the crew. Investors will receive an IMDb credit, in-film credit, invitation to the screening of the film.

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Ford Truck - $800.00 (USD)

The production is seeking a 1995 Ford F150 to use for driving sequences. Vehicle will be driven along dirt roads. No stunt work required.

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Frame Grabs


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