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Title: Becoming Immortal

Log Line: They say a man dies twice; When his heart stops beating and when his name is spoken for the last time.

Project Type: Docuseries

Length: Five episodes, TBA

Written: Scripted

Budget: $1.5M

Becoming Immortal
$0 of $1.5 million raised
Becoming Immortal


Becoming Immortal is a five part docuseries that gives viewers a peek behind the casual conversations of the world's most successful financial advisors. Viewers learn the secrets that they've used to create and preserve wealth for their clients. It's not about the "quick buck" or making a killing in the market. These ad- visors have a different mind- set. They think long-term. They're in it for the legacy.

Establishing generation-al wealth is something that feels far out of reach for most Americans. The financial advisors on this series don't think that way. They see every goal as achievable, every number as attainable, and every client as unique. Each one of them has a different story, but they all have one thing in common: They're not afraid to dream big.

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